AWESOME WEDDING NIGHT djing for Danielle & Peter at Nottawasaga Inn Alliston

I love to disc jockey parties and have a lot of experiance doing this but every once in awhile a party comes along where everyone comes to life and the night ends up spectacular.

Danielle & Peter’s wedding at the Nottawasaga Inn in Alliston was just that. Oct 16 2010 turned out to be a beautiful day for weather and the ceremony in the gardens went over wonderfully. Minister Gwen Lindsay did a fantastic job as the officiant as DJ Ken Lindsay played his guitar and sung “Making Memories Of Us” by Keith Urban during the signing of the register.

Shortly afterwards, the guests moved into the Fiesta room for the reception. The food and atmosphere was perfect as everyone celebrated the union of two wonderful people.

DJ Ken Lindsay was the MC and took it upon himself to add a little energy to the crowd as he began to sing and entertain throughout the meal. The bridal party and guests enjoyed it so much, requests were made for him to sing some more and a standing ovation was given by the head table at the end of the performance.

Of course Danielle and Peter were not to be over shadowed by this performance. They came prepared and gave an incredible choreographed dance routine for thier first dance. As it turns out they had been practising quite a bit and put on an amazing show for everyone to see. The first dance dance was something straight out of “Dancing With the Stars“ as they moved from a beautiful slow dance into a funky hip hop dance routine. This was very entertaining and kept everyone on thier seats wondering what was going to happen next. Truley great work Danielle & Peter!!

An added bonus to the evening was when the bride and groom from another wedding down the hall showed up with a number of their guests and partied with Danielle & Peter. This was just a feather in the cap of an already incredible evening!

All in all it was a fantastic celebration as the party was officialy asked to be moved to another location at 1:45 am.



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  1. Danielle Robaszek on October 28th, 2010 2:13 am

    Well…this is the bride of which Ken Lindsay speaks of!! I can’t beleive that almost two weeks have gone by and I still have people telling me what a wonderful night they had at our event. Our special night was definatly a night to remember! And it was all due to the wonderful people who pulled it off. My decor lady Shawna from Opulence floral design(what a sweetie),Gwen Lindsay, my officiant, (the coolest lady on the planet), Minerva, our choerographer, (little fire cracker), Chris and Natalia and the rest of the crew from the Nottawasaga(who put up with my “brideness”), and of course the man who kept the night a rockin! Ken……what a talented man. I got his name from a friend, and today I went to go and see her and I gave her a huge hug and said “thank-you so much for telling me about Ken, he kicked a_ _!”
    She also had Ken DJ her wedding and they had a blast too.
    Hiring Ken for any event that you may be having, would be the smartest thing you could ever do.! If you think twice……you have thought too long! It may sound like I’m tooting Ken’s horn or making his head too big to fit through the door, lol!, trust me…its all true. Peter and I couldn’t of been happier about choosing Ken. He always had something up his sleve. It was the smartest move EVER! We are even trying to think of a way that we could have another party just so that we can rock the night away again. If anyone want to ask any questions about Ken and how awesome he is or what he is capable of ( boy,….can he sing!) , just e-mail me and I would love to tell you how hiring Ken will be the smartest thing you will ever do!!

    Forever gratefull xoxo
    Danielle and Peter Robaszek

  2. bigevent on October 28th, 2010 6:31 am

    Ok, now I’m blushing….. 😉 lol
    It was a fantastic night filled with lots of wonderful memories for everybody (myself included).
    I can’t wait to see the video and pics. Thier going to be amazing!!!!
    Let me know when you have them Danielle, I’d love to stop by for a look.
    I have to say, you two were so relaxed and easy going, a real pleasure to work with.
    All the best to both of you in your future together.

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